Vanessa Wendt, The Fools and Kings Project

“We love rehearsing at Spaceworks! The space is so clean, easy to get to, and affordable. Since we are still a very young company, it’s been an absolute godsend in helping us put our shows together.”

Collin Dwarzski, DD White

“Spaceworks allows us to explore new creative opportunities. We LOVE rehearsing in the studios. They are affordable and loaded with great production tools!”

Tan Brown, Musical Artist

“I love Spaceworks! Such convenience of having a space with everything you need, as well as the accessibility, not to mention the fact that I am saving tons by being able to utilize their space to work out my craft.”

Nicola Iervasi, Mare Nostrum Elements

“Spaceworks’ booking system, flexibility, and welcoming environment make the whole process not only stress-free, but also positive. I truly believe in Spaceworks mission and I share the desire to make the creative process more affordable and nurturing.”

Jon Richey, Visual Artist

“I’ve been a practicing artist in NYC for the past 12 years. The new space is in my neighborhood, which is awesome! I’m excited to have an amazing space to be making work in, as well as a great community.”

Tegan Brozyna, Visual Artist

“Having a dedicated space for making is so important to being a practicing artist. Spaceworks is affordable and close to my house. I also like the idea of being a part of a larger artist community.”

The Rave, Spells and Curses

“In addition to fostering an environment that’s conducive to creating art, Spaceworks has cultivated a sense of community and respectful among all its artists. Respect not only each others’ work space, but their work processes as well. We’re happy to be apart of it.”

Melanie Rose Monaco, Theater Artist

“Most times when I am at Spaceworks, I run into someone that I know who is also rehearsing. It is a community hub, a space for creation, and a place of support.”

Hadasah Ingrid, Theater/Film Artist

“My experience at Spaceworks has been great thus far. [Through volunteering] I got to meet other super talented artists, network like crazy, collaborate with them. I enjoy the camaraderie while preserving a space to be innovative in.”

Opal Rose, Musical Artist

“Spaceworks has been an amazing resource for me since I haven’t been able to afford expensive practice space in Brooklyn. I’ve made some awesome connections and look forward to the projects that come out of our collaboration.”