Squad is a leadership network bringing the Spaceworks community closer together to cultivate inclusive, member-led working environments for creatives and makers at Spaceworks.

As a Squad member, you'll help to support, shape and influence our facilities based on our values, culture and community. You'll also serve as an ambassador for our organization, helping to spread the word about our mission by making connections in your local community.


Squad Roles

 Studio Stewards help to create a positive experience for everyone rehearsing at Spaceworks.
 Content Creators develop video content based on Spaceworks values, culture and community.
 Social Influencers share their creative practice with our online community. 


Squad Perks

► Free rehearsal space
 Professional development opportunities
 Meetups with the Squad community
 Promotional support for upcoming projects
 Free access to Gowanus conference room
► Coffee dates with Spaceworks staff 


Info Sessions

► January 8th, 6-8pm, Spaceworks @ Williamsburgh Library
► January 11th, 6-8pm, Spaceworks Long Island City

Application Deadline: January 15, 2018