Edisa Weeks is making one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five roots out of paper and twine. 1865 represents the year that legalized chattel slavery ended in America.

The roots are part of a performance installation, THREE RITES: Liberty, and will dangle from the ceiling to the floor to create an environment that the audience separates and moves through (as if moving through history), to find open spaces containing reflections on liberty.

Last week, we gathered at Spaceworks @ Williamsburgh Library for a ROOTS PARTY. We talked. We ate. We made roots for Edisa’s installation. We participated in a conversation about the potential risks and benefits of legalizing marijuana with guest speakers:

  • Dr. Dara Huang, Nephrologist / Medical Cannabis Consultant
  • Lauren A. Rudick, Esq: Attorney, Co-founder of Hiller, PC’s cannabis law practice
  • Darryl Hell Montgomery: (Moderator) Purpose Lounge

In discussing liberty, we talked about how the illegalization of marijuana has been used as a mechanism to oppress communities of color, which has led to mass incarceration and the separation of families throughout generations.

Thank you to all who joined us. We look forward to continuing to provide space for these important conversations.

“I love that a wide variety of people participated in the Roots Party, from kids to elders. Studio A has a great energy and was perfect for root making! I’m grateful for the range of conversations that happened, that people could eat and we didn’t run out of food, that we made roots for THREE RITES: Liberty (and stones for THREE RITES: Life), and that I’m closer to my goal of 1,865 roots.”

Edisa Weeks, Lead Artist

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