Learn the basics of Pilates through a series of exercises designed to work all major muscle groups! Pilates focuses on strengthening and lengthening as well as alignment and coordination. This class is also inspired by Gyrotonic, Dance, and Yoga.



Jamila Youngstedt



  • Ages 15+
  • Seniors and pre-professional dancers welcome
  • Please bring a Pilates/Yoga Mat or something you can use as one – beach towels are a great substitute!
  • Cost: FREE!


Program Dates



Spaceworks @ Williamsburgh Library

240 Division Ave, Floor 2, Brooklyn, NY 


Instructor Bio: Jamila is a professional dancer, performing in “Spun” with Loren Royse and Company this summer at Jacob’s Pillow. She is an apprentice with ZviDance and a freelance dance artist. Jamila teaches Pilates Mat and Gyrotonic.