Williamsburgh Library Studio B

For music, theater and dance makers

 $14/hour | 22 x 20 ft  |  24-foot diameter

The Williamsburgh Library is a secured, heated and air-conditioned facility with free WiFi and access to restrooms. It is wheelchair accessible. Classes/workshops, photo/film shoots, events, and recording sessions are not permitted.

Please note: This studio is not soundproof. Out of courtesy to other library patrons, performance-level amplification is not permitted during library hours (M-F 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm). Also, in compliance with neighborhood sound regulations, amplified music is not permitted after 10pm. Please plan accordingly.


  • Grand Piano
  • QSC K12 Powered Speakers (2)
  • Mackie ProFX8 V2 Mixer
  • Sennheiser Microphones with Stands (3)
  • Drum Set, Premier Gen-X Genista Drum Set w/Cymbals
  • Guitar Amp, Carr Rambler 1x12
  • Guitar Amp, Fender Blues Deluxe 1x12
  • Bass Head, Ampeg Portaflex 500
  • Bass Cabinet, Aguilar 1x12
  • Keyboard Amp, electroVoice powered 12" speaker w/ 8-channel mixer
  • XLR Cables
  • 1/4" Cables
  • Dance Mirror

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