Sarita Rupan, Project Development Intern, talks about her experience at Spaceworks and her plans for the future.

Hi, Sarita! We’re so glad you joined our team. What made you want to work at Spaceworks?

Spaceworks’ work aligns with my interests. Being a recent graduate, working here has provided me an opportunity to apply my academic knowledge towards existing projects. The tasks I’ve been involved in here have helped widen my perspective and understanding of planning principles so that I can incorporate them to enable the creation of equitable and sustainable communities.

What was your favorite project that you worked on here?

Among all the fun projects that I was involved in, I enjoyed the mapping project the best. Since I have a background in architecture, the aspect of visually representing information always excites me.

Tell us more about Spatiality.

Spatially is the culmination of the research project I have been working on. It highlights the importance of data in establishing relationships by providing clarity about the communities that Spaceworks currently deals with or may work with in the future.

It helps to provide an overview of the characteristic of the neighborhoods in terms of the most relevant aspects like income, race and education within the communities. Whereas the mapped data provides an insight into the geographical distribution of active users and concentration within the communities along with visually representing the organization’s network and identification of communities to focus on.

The data tied together with identified most frequent users allows Spaceworks to strategize and reach out to the influential users to advance the mission of Spaceworks and strengthen the cultural character of all communities in the City.

What was the most interesting thing you learned while here?

I learned about the intricacies that go into planning for a project and the level of outreach and communication that is required for successful implementation and development. It was interesting coming across the range of people within and beyond the Spaceworks network and the exciting work they are involved in!

We’ll miss you! Where are you headed next?

Moving forward, I will be joining an architectural company called Vidaris as a Proposal Writer.