Can everyone help us give a big Spaceworks Community welcome to our newest team member working in Operations and Project Development, Dionna PridGeon?! She’s been a huge part of our family and Squad for quite some time. Now, it’s even more official! WELCOME, Dionna! ? We are beyond glad to have you on the team.

Why I decided to take this opportunity:

I’ve entered the next chapter in my life, where I’ve been clearly deciding on what serves my life and where my purpose lies. I’ve been a dance educator/freelance artist for the past 14 years and intently building my brand as an entrepreneur for the past 3 years. However, I have other areas of strength that I would like to utilize. Plus, I’ve always envisioned working with a team of creators, becoming more involved, and contributing my value for artistic progression; I enjoy learning new things.

What I love about Spaceworks:

The people lol…the focus on providing a great service, the spaces, the community awareness. The staff has been very welcoming and accepting, always communicative and willing to help. Spaceworks is open to receiving feedback and believes in the creative process.