Sep 7, 1:00pm-1:45pm
Elmhurst Sculpture Garden, 5959 92nd St

Whose is a place. Whose is a place? Is it defined by those who use it, those who create it, or those who claim it? These questions have emerged over the past six-months in direct response to The Moving Company’s interaction with the Elmhurst Sculpture Garden. We have witnessed the transformation of the landscape according to the seasons and passage of time, a place disregarded and littered with trash into a place of respite and reflection, a non-site with uncertain boundaries defined by transience into a site defined and treated as a sculpture garden, attended to with care and devotion. We have questioned our association with the place – are we intruders, discoverers, revealers, owners, members? The movements, objects, and interactions generated from our extended relationship with the garden are made manifest in this durational piece which continues to ask these questions – bearing no answers yet furthering our connection to this place and each other.


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