Announcing the Emergent Studio Program

May 8, 2018By Spaceworks

The Emergent Studio Program supports artists who have never had a studio or a residency with free space for 4 months to create, with a focus on artists of color, immigrant artists, LGBTQIA artists, and those living on modest incomes. This new program, designed and curated by Artist-in-Residence Tanisha Christie, launches as part of Creative … Read More

Reflecting on Calling The Circle

April 4, 2018By Spaceworks

Project Director Preeti Sodhi reflects on Calling the Circle, an event series focused on community storytelling and art-sharing grounded in our identities, cultures and creative expressions.

ROOTS PARTY: A Making And Conversation Space

October 30, 2017By Spaceworks

Last week, we gathered at Spaceworks @ Williamsburgh Library for a ROOTS PARTY, a making and conversation space where people can gather to make roots and discuss issues surrounding life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Dance in Other Spaces: A Celebration of Community, Music and Dance

June 5, 2017By Spaceworks

We teamed up with Dance Lit Grantee Melinda González, TiLLT Magazine’s Megan Curet, and Pedestrian Wanderlust to host a free, all-day event celebrating community, music and dance. 2pm-3pm: Discussion Panel, Where is Dance Going?Curated and hosted by TiLLT Magazine editors Nicole Zee and Megan Curet. Panelists: Rami Shafi, Christine Bonansea Saulut and Melinda González. 5pm-7:30pm: Closing … Read More