2018 Survey: Here’s what we heard

November 13, 2018By Spaceworks

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in our annual survey earlier this year. We received over 500 responses from across the five boroughs, and we are grateful for the time you took to share your experiences with us. When we sent out this survey, we wanted to gain … Read More

“Music for me is a way to break barriers.” – Omi Hill

October 30, 2018By Spaceworks

For ilê de palmares, playing Capoeira is all about building a harmonious community while giving homage to what has happened before. Says co-founder Shem Caimãn Rajoon, “We don’t like to play Capoeira by ourselves; we have a comrade. The same relationship happens with movement and music.” Tune in to learn more about this Afro-Brazilian martial … Read More

Announcing the first Creative Economic Initiative cohort

July 11, 2018By Spaceworks

We are thrilled to announce the first cohort of our Creative Economic Initiative (CEI), which supports artists in offering income-generating classes and workshops in Spaceworks studios. Through this program, artists and cultural workers can use Spaceworks not only to pursue their own creative and cultural practices, but also to generate income by offering workshops and classes. … Read More

Meet Our New Team Member, Dionna PridGeon

June 8, 2018By Spaceworks

Can everyone help us give a big Spaceworks Community welcome to our newest team member working in Operations and Project Development, Dionna PridGeon?! She’s been a huge part of our family and Squad for quite some time. Now, it’s even more official! WELCOME, Dionna! ? We are beyond glad to have you on the team. … Read More

Meet Our New Partner, Nfinit Foundation Arts

June 1, 2018By Spaceworks

Nfinit’s ethos centers the nurturing of artist process through the practice of love, care and community. Nfinit Vision: As a result of the challenging circumstances in which we find ourselves in the world today as artists and creatives of color, sustainability in a practical sense is key, however so are philosophical perspectives; what does it mean to … Read More

Meet Sarita, our Project Development Intern

February 20, 2018By Spaceworks

We sat down with Sarita Rupan, our Project Development Intern, to talk about her experience at Spaceworks and her plans for the future. Hello, Sarita! We’re so glad you joined our team. What made you want to work at Spaceworks? Spaceworks’ work aligns with my interests. Being a recent graduate, working here has provided me … Read More

Open Call: Join Squad, Our Leadership Network

December 1, 2017By Spaceworks

Squad is a leadership network bringing the Spaceworks community closer together to cultivate inclusive, member-led working environments for creatives and makers at Spaceworks. As a Squad member, you’ll help to support, shape and influence our facilities based on our values, culture and community. You’ll also serve as an ambassador for our organization, helping to spread … Read More

Mujeres, The Magic, The Movement and The Muse: Amplifying the Voices and Experiences of Bronx Latinx Women

November 12, 2017By Spaceworks

Mujeres, The Magic, The Movement, and The Muse was created by Peggy Robles-Alvarado as part of the Spaceworks Bronx Community Artist Grant, which aims to enhance connections between artists and communities in the Bronx. The project began as a free four week workshop series for female writers with guest facilitators Shihan Candy Warixi Soto, Manuela Majestic Faith … Read More

ROOTS PARTY: A Making And Conversation Space

October 30, 2017By Spaceworks

ROOTS PARTY is a making and conversation space where people can gather to make roots and discuss issues surrounding life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Edisa Weeks is making one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five roots out of paper and twine. 1865 represents the year that legalized chattel slavery ended in America. The roots are … Read More