Discipline: Curator/ Producer/ Writer/Visionary

Based In: Jamaica, Queens

Website: http://www.wendyanguloproductions.com

I am committed to advocate for the arts and strengthen the voices of artists of color in our communities around the world with providing a platform, with creating spaces for our stories to be told and heard and perpetuate our legacy.
As a woman of color, immigrant and artist it is important for me to preserve our place in history and fight against our erasure using my work as the best weapon. I am a true believer of art being one of the most powerful tools to tell our stories, heal and build our legacy.
Throughout my career as Curator, Writer, and Producer I have challenged the status quo. I create thought-provoking events, series, and programming necessary in our communities that have challenged the way we experience art, breaking barriers and pushing our artistry to the next level as well as reclaiming our place in society and the power of our voices.
I am committed to doing this work not just for me but for all of us and most so for the generations to come, if I’m denied an opportunity, I build my own.