Based In: Queens

Website: The Rushline Company

THE RUSHLINE COMPANY is a joint venture between Jason Modica and Brian Drummy to produce and artistically engage in satisfying and challenging creative work.

Rather than waiting around for pre-existing projects—often of dubious artistic merit—to present themselves, we have decided to begin creating our own opportunities to produce theatrical work that excites us. By championing ourselves as artists for the first time, we observe that we also have the chance to create opportunity in general. In standing behind the talented theatrical artists whom we love, there exists the prospect of exciting collaboration and innovative, challenging new work.

We hope to use this platform as a means to produce work that doesn’t coddle our audiences, but rather, engages them in the difficult conversations from which they might typically shy away. In an effort to bring the greatest number of people into the conversation, accessibility is paramount to our mission. It is our goal to bring work to the table that is intellectually inclusive and ensure that there will always be an affordable way for those with limited means to gain access to it.

Our collaboration begins in Spring 2016, with the world-premiere production of Troll, a new play by Ken Greller.