Discipline: Theater

Based In: Queens

Website: thefoolsandkingsproj

The Fools & Kings Project aims to produce Shakespeare’s plays with a focus on character development. By delving thoroughly into the text, we will use the language as a map to create engaging & timeless concepts with simple – but compelling – design.

The project’s name was born of a fascination with characters. Shakespeare deals a lot with class, often featuring both monarchs and their servants. Many times, the kings behave ridiculously, while the fools prove to be true sages. The Fools & Kings Project will explore that dichotomy throughout the Bard’s body of work.

The Fools & Kings Project was conceived and created by Vanessa Wendt & Melissa Meli. Logo and Graphic Designs by Kristen Penner.

“Jesters do oft prove prophets.” -King Lear, Act V, Scene iii





A Midsummer Night’s Dream Promo Video>>


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