Studio: Spaceworks Long Island City

Discipline: Theater

Based In: Queens

Website: thefoolsandkingsproj


The Fools & Kings Project aims to produce Shakespeare’s plays with a focus on character development. By delving thoroughly into the text, we will use the language as a map to create engaging & timeless concepts with simple – but compelling – design.


The project’s name was born of a fascination with characters. Shakespeare deals a lot with class, often featuring both monarchs and their servants. Many times, the kings behave ridiculously, while the fools prove to be true sages. The Fools & Kings Project will explore that dichotomy throughout the Bard’s body of work. 


The Fools & Kings Project was conceived and created by Vanessa Wendt & Melissa Meli. Logo and Graphic Designs by Kristen Penner.


“Jesters do oft prove prophets.” -King Lear, Act V, Scene iii


“We love rehearsing at Spaceworks! The space is so clean, easy to get to, and affordable. Plus, all of the other people who rent there tend to be kind and really respectful. Since we are still a very young company, it’s been an absolute godsend in helping us put our shows together – especially ones like “Romeo & Juliet” which requires so much combat. Any time we have questions, the staff is very responsive and helpful. We recommend it to everyone we know who needs rehearsal space!”







A Midsummer Night’s Dream Promo Video>>


Angus the Bulldog Performs Romeo>>