Discipline: Painting & Mixed Media

Based In: Brooklyn

Website: Tegan Brozyna

I have a natural penchant for exploring my surroundings in fine detail. It is a desire for communion: I want to experience the intimate in the immense landscape and to break down the complexity of my daily environment. As part of this exploration I collect artifacts: unique shapes and color palettes from my everyday habitat. By investigating the smaller aspects of an environment, particularly those that I can hold in the palm of my hand, I am able to communicate its specific essence. I am also forced to confront my own vulnerability and hypervigilance.

This process of investigation manifests itself as woven collages that are modular with smaller components being dissected and gathered, much like stones accumulating into a mountain. Borrowing from the language of weaving, colorful clusters of paper are layered and suspended in space by the tension of threads. Delicate yet strengthened by their interwoven structure, these modular forms reach upward in harmony. This reflects a need to find and cultivate peace in a world clamoring with noise and weighted by violence and pain.

Icelandic Textile Center, Blönduós, Iceland (2015)
World Class Learning Academy, New York, NY (2014)