Discipline: Shinnai-Bushi

Based In: NYC

Website: Takahashi Sachiyo


I am an artist, composer and performer whose work centers around storytelling. I have been creating new performances under the name of Nekaa Lab/Sachiyo Takahashi since 2006.


The music I practice through Spaceworks is called Shinnai-bushi. It is a form of Japanese traditional storytelling through singing and accompanied by shamisen (Japanese string instrument). Shinnai-bushi’s lyrical melodies capture the sorrow of love and the subtleties of human nature; it has been appreciated for centuries in Japan. I am a disciple of master Okamoto Miyanosuke, who is the successor to the Shinnai Okamoto School based in Tokyo.


I am excited to live in New York City and to have an opportunity to introduce this unique style of music to its cosmopolitan audiences. Since the story in Shinnai-bushi is sung in Japanese, I am considering incorporating visual elements to the performance so that the audiences can grasp the essence of the story while they enjoy the music.

The most inspiring thing to work as an artist in New York City is the sense of openness: The city is open to the old and new ideas, and their lively exchange. I believe Shinnai-bushi, which has over 250 years of history, adds something new to the city, and in return, the city breathes new life into the tradition of Shinnai-bushi.