Discipline: Dance

Based In: Brooklyn

Website: SPDance website

Artistic Director Suzzanne Ponomarenko is in a continuous exploration with the poetry of movement in relation to cultural contexts and themes. The limitless possibilities stemmed from these interests create work that is raw, unconventional and eccentric. Ranging from pedestrian, free-formed ideas, or to works that are clearly defined, her fearless approach dives into the purity of an idea and carefully forms a structure that stimulates questions and curiosity.

SPDance‘s current project is The Senior Care Project’s, whose mission is to establish a relationship between Senior Care Centers and the Dance Community to improve quality of life and create enriching performance opportunities for local Dance Artists. Being a consistent presence in the recreational schedule of Senior Centers allows a new partnership to develop between dance artists and senior centers that will have long-term effects on both patients and dancers. To learn more, donate, or to get involved, please visit the SPDance website!

All SPDance shows are performed at local Senior Centers in all 5 boroughs. Please contact suzponomarenko.dance@gmail.com if you are interested in attending.