Discipline: Dance, Music

Based In: Brooklyn

Website: Http://flamencoysol.com

The language of Flamenco music and dance is the language that expresses all the emotions of life: from profound sorrow to exhilarating joy, from feelings of loss and despair to states of hope and faith, from the reality of death to the anticipation of life, from loneliness and alienation to the true feelings of love and humanity.

For many years, I searched for this language that would help me recognize and describe to myself the drama of my own life experiences in Argentina and the USA. Fortunately, I found that new language that would first allow me to describe myself as a destitute from Buenos Aires’s impoverished areas, and then as an alienated non-English speaking immigrant in New York. After a process of self-discovery and self-identification, the language of Flamenco music and dance finally opened for me the doors to a new form of communication. I discovered that each movement of my body, the expressions of my face and hands and the steps of my feet were following varied rhythms that parallel the many rhythms of life. My Flamenco language imbedded in my dance and singing also began to speak of hope and aspirations, successes, and achievement as well as love and joy.

I hope that, as I continue to grow as a Flamenco dancer and singer, I can inspire a new generation of artists to learn how to discover and express their inner experiences by using the language of Flamenco music and dance.