Discipline: Dance

Based In: Queens

Website: SM-DanceArts

Artistic Director Shannon McMullan founded SM-Dance Arts in 2015. Her work is an exploration of history and the present day by researching how to maintain the relevance of historical modern dance and its founders, all the while applying the philosophical foundations to the current contemporary dance era.

Stemming from a love of Isadora Duncan technique and repertory, Shannon believes contemporizing the legacy of the Mother of Modern Dance is a pressing matter that needs to be pushed to the forefront of our ever-evolving community. Contributing to the New York dance community, Shannon brings a fresh and authentic take of what it means to preserve history, but continuing to push forward into the future.


A native Houstonian and college graduate from Texas State University, Shannon has been dancing since the young age of two. While pursuing her B.F.A in the central Texas area, Shannon was heavily trained in Erick Hawkins’ technique under tutelage of Michelle Nance. Upon request from Meg Brooker, fourth generation Duncan Dancer, Shannon begun her Duncan training; she has since traveled to Chicago and New York City to be an active participate in the Duncan community, training under master Duncan practitioners such as, Catherine Gallant and Loretta Thomas.