Discipline: Folkloric Dance

Based In: New York

Website: Panambi Vera


Paraguayan folkloric dance group “Panambi Vera” demonstrates the traditional dances of the Guarani country. Panambi Vera means golden butterfly in Guarani, one of the two official languages of Paraguay. The group shines like golden butterlfies with their vivid colored costumes which are artisinally hand made by with Ñandutí embroidery.


Each dance performed by its members reveals the meaning of a Paraguayan tradition. The music used is interpreted through harp and guitar by various Paraguayan musicians and all the choreography is original. Panambi Vera is composed of 15 dancers, men and women, and the group has not stopped growing. A few of them joined the group with little or no previous experience with Paraguayan dance. The distance and the need to maintain contact with their roots is what brought this group together.