Discipline: Dance & Theater

Based In: Manhattan

Website: palissimo


Palissimo is a New York City based performance company established by its artistic director Pavel Zuštiak. The company pursuits communion/dialogue with the audience through performances, research and teaching. Its work is content-based, emotionally charged and strongly visual. Palissimo treats each aspect of the production—dance, movement, sound, light, set and video design—as equal. It challenges and engages audiences in rich, innovative aesthetic and intellectual experiences.


“Zustiak creates no movement that looks like dancing for its own sake. It becomes a statement of identity, a task to be completed, an urge to be satisfied.” —Deborah Jowitt Artsjournal



On rehearsing at Spaceworks…

“Our schedules changed beyond our control and we needed space at last minute notice. It was not necessarily location convenience, although one of our dancers lives walking distance from here. It was the ease of having space on a regular basis, not having to rehearse every day in a different place.” – Pavel Zuštiak, Artistic Director.