Discipline: Dance & Theater

Based In: Brooklyn

Website: Océane


My mission as a performer is to take your breath away and give it back to you again. I want to share with you the sheer exhilaration, spirit and pain of being alive that I experience when exploring the world through dance and theater.


I am a Brooklyn-based dancer, actor and creator. I seek to explore the breadth of human expression. In my time at Connecticut College I studied Art and Activism, as well as American Studies with a focus on Comparative Race and Ethnicity, and was a member of the Holleran Centers’ certificate program for Public Policy and Community Action (PICA), where my focus was HIV/AIDS prevention. My work in HIV/AIDS advocacy has led me to an interest in sexual education, which I now explore in much of my artistic work. Sexual education appeals to me because it is about communication, pleasure, safety, love, and trust among other things.


I look forward to creating more commissioned pieces and further collaborations with fellow artists.