Discipline: Video/Interdisciplinary

Based In: Brooklyn

Website: Mores McWreath

I build self-contained worlds that both offer up a mirror to our contemporary society and present potential alternatives.
Recently, I’ve been exploring the way that technological innovations have shaped the ever-shifting boundary between public and private forms of cultural expression. I’m interested in examining shifts in psychosocial behavior as we move away from a mass media landscape dominated by televisual entertainment and into a media environment focused on participatory social media.
We live in a time of unprecedented public access to private information and that both disturbs and inspires me. Mediums such as smart phones, gaming, file sharing, GPS and user data tracking are where I locate themes of over-sharing, fetishism, racial privilege and abject humor.
My studio-based practice involves using drawing, sculpture, sound-design and poetry to create worlds where photography, performance, and video can take place. I create scripts using found and invented text that I manipulate using techniques drawn from literature. These scripts form the core of photos and videos showcasing my own choreographed and improvised performances. I have an ardent burning desire to critically examine the world I live in by filtering new technologies through my mind and body and out into my art.