Discipline: Music

Based In: Manhattan

Website: https://moonmoonmoo.com/

Born in New York City, and raised in College Park, Georgia, Moon Moon Moo is a songwriter and producer who has been involved with music from a very young age. Having gotten her start with writing through poetry while in school, she began sampling beats on a record player gifted to her by her father around the age of twelve. After the passing of her father, Moon’s mother suggested she use music as an outlet to deal with depression and to release and express emotion. She received an Art Scholarship at New York University, and it was there she would be introduced to the underground ball scene. With her work, she hopes to be able to spread a message of self-acceptance and to help youth through music, with a focus on benefitting LGBTQ youth in particular. With fresh rap lyrics layered over house beats, Moon Moon Moo was inspired by Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and through her eccentric take on writing and producing, Moon Moon Moo has her sights set high on writing for other artists and the eventual goal of becoming a Grammy award-winning artist.