Discipline: Bomba

Based In: NYC

Website: BombaYo


Melinda González is the Co-director of BombaYo, an intergenerational Afro Puerto Rican traditional drum and dance ensemble.


A Brooklyn native, Melinda serves as an artist, activist, and advocate for the Williamsburg community, spreading the rich message of Bomba to New Yorkers of all kind. Melinda is also a Development Specialist of El Puente’s CADRE network that engages mostly Latino community artists rooted in North Brooklyn to exchange ideas, share resources, develop and present work, and design and implement strategies for community sustainability.


“Bomba is a culturally rooted way of engaging and building community. Bomba is for everyone, that means everyone can dance, sing, and drum. That means there’s a place for older people, there’s a place for younger people, as well as people who are physically challenged – whatever your ability.”  – Melinda González


Melinda is a recipient of the 2017 Spaceworks and El Puente CADRE Dance Lit Residency, a community-based residency program for dancemakers to build deeper connections with communities where they create work. Through her workshops and community talks entitled “Yo misma fui mi ruta/I was my own path,” Melinda is exploring the relationships between literature, language, and dance.


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