Discipline: Drawing & Painting

Based In: NYC

Website: Mary Chang


The white surface provides a sensation of open space and endless boundaries – keeping the mind open and free. It allows me to explore and create dimension through the use of bold color and subtle hues. Added texture is created through the use of common and familiar surrounding materials — pumice, string. The scratching of my nails and etchings from a knife blade.


Movement is released through my body’s natural rhythm and energy is pushed through brush strokes as applied mediums such as paint, spray paint and oil stick continue to do the work. There is permission to remove markings or reposition lines as I assist the development of the work, but I choose not to control the work, to let it surface naturally. I am interested in the process of moving the work from a point that is connected to myself while traveling on its own energy; I connect back and forth in the experience until completion.


“Spaceworks has offered me the opportunity to have an affordable studio outside of my home. It would not be possible at this time for me to afford a studio space without the support of Spaceworks.”



Painting, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
Drawing, Cooper Union, New York, NY
Monotypes,Maurel Studios,New York, NY
Goloborotko’s Studio, Brooklyn, NY

2010 ​Atelier Mary Chang, Works On Paper, Brooklyn NY
2008 ​Mary Chang, JB Kline & Son, Lambertville, NJ
2008 ​Indasa Gallery, New York City
2007​ Interchange – Clinton Hill Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2013 ​Momentum, St Joseph College, Council for the Arts, Brooklyn, NY

2013 ​Sonya Artist Select Fab Fridays , Brooklyn, NY
2013 ​Bearden 100, Rush Arts Gallery, New York, NY
2013​ Represent Brooklyn, The Rising Arts Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2012​ Healings, Skylight Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2012 ​Sonya Open Studio 2012 Brooklyn, NY
2011​​ Made In Brooklyn, The Hanson Gallery, Honesdale, PA
2011 Mary Chang MONOTYPES 2005 – 2011, Sonya Open Studio 2011 Brooklyn, NY
2011 ​Pfizer, Corporation, New York, NY
2010​ Word Up, Saint Joseph College, Council for the Arts, Brooklyn, NY
2010 ​Art Bazaar @The Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY
2010 ​Rock, Paper, Scissors, Tabla Rasa Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2010​ ARTCURIAN, Artist speaking For The Spirits, Brooklyn, NY
2010​ Pony Express, Modesto Art Museum, Modesto, CA.
2010​ The Green Scene, Wendell Free Library, Wendell MA
2010 ​Graphias Casa da Gravura, Sao Paolo, BR
Goloborotko’s Studio 20th Anniversary Edition and Additional Prints by Portfolio Artists
2010​ Goloborotko’s Studio 20 anos, Galeria Gravura Brasiieria, Sao Paolo, BR
2009 ​Espaco Atelier, Projeto 12×14 Sao Paolo, BR
2009 ​A Book About Death, Queens Museum of Art,Queens , NY
2009​ Visual Rhythm, Classon Walls, Brooklyn, NY
2009​ Dorsey Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2009 ​Sonya Stroll, Brooklyn, NY
2008 ​Double Take, Mary Benson Gallery, Jersey City, NJ
2008​ Dorsey Art Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
2007​ Artoffthemain, The Puck, New York, New York
2007​ Goloborotko’s Studio DUMBO ARTS, Brooklyn, NY
2006 ​Artoffthemain, The Puck, New York, New York
2006​ The Gift of Art, Pittsfield Cultural Center​, Pittsfield, MA
2006 ​Collaborations, The Salon Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2006 ​Trash – Atlantic Gallery, New York, NY
2006​ Sonya Stroll, Brooklyn, NY
2006 ​Clinton Hill Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2006 ​Neighborhood Diva’s, Corridor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2005 ​Project Diversity Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, Brooklyn, NY
2005 ​Brooklyn Reborn, Simon Liu Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2005 Eleven Ten Gallery,Brooklyn, NY
2004​ SONYA – Robert Lehman Gallery, SONYA @Urban Glass, Brooklyn, NY
2004 ​I Am, Atelier Gallery, New York, NY
2000 ​Dear Mistress Satta Gallery, Brooklyn, N Y
1999​ The Tree, Skylight Gallery, Brooklyn, N Y

2009 ​Goloborotko’s Studio 20th Anniversary Edition, Suite of thirteen Prints, Edition of 40, Published by Goloborotko’s Studio, New York, NY (Prologue by Lori Anderson Moseman)

2007​ Caribbean Life Clinton Hill Gallery features painter Mary Chang pg.70 2/14/2007

2009 ​Goloborotko’s 20th Anniversary Edition catalog pg.32
2011 ​Blog: The Local (The New York Times) Living Arts: Mary Chang by Pamella R.Allen
2010​ Blog: Charlotte Mouquin Art Adventures Affordable Art Fair in Review
It was a pleasure to be walking through the exhibition space located at 7 W 34th St to visit the Affordable Art Fair
2010​ Blog: Charlotte Mouquin Art Adventures
The Affordable Art Fair is in Town! Visit Mary Chang!
2009 ​Blog: The Local (The New York Times) – Art of the Stroll: Fire on Silk
2005​ NY1: Brooklyn Art Project Brings Culture, Diversity Together
​Culture and diversity come together in Brooklyn, where both are on display as part of a
unique art project.

Pony Express 2010, Modesto Art Museum, Modesto, CA
Archives, A Book About Death, 2010 MUBE, São Paulo BR
Permanent collection:Pinacoteca de Sao Paulo Museu SP, Pinacoteca do Estado Museu de São Paulo de Arte Contemporânea / Goloborotko’s Studio 20th Anniversary Edition