Discipline: Music

Based In: Brooklyn

Website: Martha Cargo

Flutist Martha Cargo takes no prisoners, with collaborations spanning from site-specific dance to semi-structured improvisations inspired by giant metal sculptures. Hailed by the New York Times as “excellent” (Boulez’s memoriale explosante-fixe) and praised for her “milky” tone (Schönberg’s Pierrot Lunaire) by I CARE IF YOU LISTEN, Martha trained at Oberlin, SUNY-Purchase, and Manhattan School of Music before embarking on her freelance career, working actively with Glass Farm Ensemble, Ghost Ensemble, and numerous other projects throughout New York City and beyond. She recently toured with Glass Farm pianist Yvonne Troxler to Switzerland, performing in Zurich, Baden, and Basel, and in early 2016 embarked upon the flute/cello duo commissioning project Pieces of Eight with Ben Larsen. To date, the duo has premiered 4 new works, and have 4 more slated for premieres in 2017 in Rhode Island and the Hudson Valley. She currently works as Assistant to the Music Director at the Americas Society on Park Avenue in Manhattan and as Social Media Coordinator for I CARE IF YOU LISTEN. She also regularly performs as a professional choral singer with Canticum Scholare and at St. Mary the Virgin.