Discipline: Opera

Based In: Brooklyn

Website: Loft Opera

“LoftOpera, an ambitious young company that presents operas in unusual spaces in Brooklyn, draws much of its appeal from its willingness to break things — among them props, conventions, and the barriers separating audience and cast.” —Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim, The New York Times

We didn’t get into this business for anything but the love of opera. We wanted to challenge the small company model and find a way to perform for our peers in a setting we were excited about.

The traditional opera model as it stands—and stagnates—has become increasingly unsustainable. The stratospheric pride and prejudice of the establishment has made many opera experiences prohibitively expensive and unenjoyable. We’re changing all that by creating a new culture that is still true to the art form.

LoftOpera removes barriers between the audience and the stage, and provides young artists with opportunities to perform lead roles in paid positions. We are making opera affordable, interesting, new.

Our success so far is solid proof that opera is not just for the rich and the aging. Opera is for the young, the edgy, and the emerging creative class.