Discipline: Dance

Based In: Queens

Website: locomotiveartistries


Artistic Director Raleigh Veach founded Locomotive Artistries in 2014. Her work reflects her personal experience and understanding of life & the world. She feels dance and artistic expression can make an impact on how we all approach our lives, and believes the relationship between artist and witness is an inimitable force, creating a communal conversation of profound knowledge & acceptance. Through this divine connection everyone involved shares story, emotions, observations and opinions.


Locomotive Artistries was formed from the desire to collaborate with a broad collection of artists in hopes of blending audiences and expanding the importance of artistic expression. Raleigh hopes to fuse the art world together by creating an atmosphere that supports professionals of different artistries. The ultimate mission of Locomotive Artistries is to create community through dance and other art forms.


See Locomotive Artistries in the Queensboro Dance Festival>>