Discipline: Hip Hop

Based In: NYC

Website: LA

Latasha Alcindor, also known as “LA,” is a multi-talented independent multimedia artist based out of New York City.

Her form-free art travels through a wide range of inspiration found in Experimental, Dance, Jazz, Electronic and Hip Hop music.

LA’s energetic calls and performance-based sound have opened doors for her to perform at culturally prestigious events like SXSW, A3C, and Manifesto. In 2016, she performed as the headlining act for Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturdays, Toronto’s AGO First Thursdays and became an artist in residence to New York’s unparalleled, National Sawdust.

Latasha finds resonance in speaking and exhibiting works of art in musical, performative and visual mediums. From graphics to film on her personal story, social commentary and cultural experiences in her music, promoting a much needed agenda for those looking to find inner peace, specifically young women of color.

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