Discipline: Spaceworks Bronx Community Artist Grantee

Based In: Bronx

Website: Jana Lynne Umipig

Jana Lynne (JL) Umipig is a creator and multidisciplinary artist who uses her talents and skills to create transformative artistic experiences. She has dedicated her life to using art as a medium for healing, education/understanding, empowerment and building community and connection. JL was recently awarded a Spaceworks Bronx Community Artist Grant, which she will use towards the development of Grow Roots- Urban Indigenous: Hip-Hop as Cultural Expression for the Colonized, Migrant and Displaced. 

Spaceworks Bronx Community Artist Grant

Grow Roots – Urban Indigenous: Hip-Hop as Cultural Expression for the Colonized, Migrant, and Displaced
Sunday, November 19th, 2016
The event “Grow Roots – Urban Indigenous: Hip-Hop as Cultural Expression for the Colonized, Migrant, and Displaced” seeks to cultivate a space that speaks to the Roots of Hip Hop in connection to the Roots of our Indigenous Identities resonating with artistic expression at the center or cultural practice and ritual, from the cypher on the dance floor and on the streets – holding sacred the core values of Love, Peace, Unity and Having Fun.

This event will gather and create space for artists to cultivate community in creation process and in sharing and exchanging new works that looks to our understanding of our Indigenous roots from our neighborhoods to our motherlands. Hip-hop, before the practices and rituals were colonized, commodified and made to serve capitalistic purposes, was what taught us, it’s what lifted our spirits-connecting to a divine space, it’s how we convened in like energy and energy exchange, Hip-Hop healed us.


The rhythms of Hip-Hop, the dress of Hip-Hop, the energy of Hip-Hop is influenced by our ancestry beyond this land that our ancestors were brought to or traveled to for survival and by oppressive force. The 5 elements were our ritual, and the cultural bearers who practiced and cultivated energy through emceeing on the mic, breakin’, DJing, and graffiti were our warriors, teachers, visionaries, healers who’s artistry sought to uplift our narratives and move our spirits.


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More about Jana Lynne
JL has continually witnessed and produced work that speaks to upliftment of the human spirit. Her training is rooted in classical and physical theatre work as she received her formal training at New York University, The Claire Trevor School of the Arts at The University of California, Irvine and The Accademia Dell’ Arte in Arrezzo, Italy. Much of her career has been heavily rooted in collaborative based, applied and experimental theatre that focuses on human rights advocacy, art therapy/ healing connected to the development of her work around “For the Movement Theatre” and “Theatre as Spiritual Practice.”  She is the creator of the acclaimed Movement Theatre production “The Journey of a Brown Girl” that has traveled internationally empowering diverse audiences through what has been noted as a “transformative human experience through the lens of the Pinay Narrative.”
Her main focuses in living and creating are:
  • The focus of the Arts as a means of elevating Social Movements throughout time and its ability to move human beings to want, understand, and make change of the injustices of this world.
  • The importance of Cultural/ Historical knowledge excavation and connection and honoring of ancestry as key to motivating individual passion and drive to seek upliftment from rooted oppressions.
  • The centering of all life in healing self and communities as spiritual practice. The want to cultivate teachings and skills for healing and survival of body, mind and spirit amidst experiences that bring and have maintained deep struggle and trauma.
Creation, Justice, Healing – Spirit
JL continues to develop works with intergenerational performers and community groups with the core purpose of guiding others in sharings and elevating the stories that they hold within them- for learning, for understanding and for empowerment of all.