Discipline: Capoeira

Based In: Manhattan

Website: ilê de palmares

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art-form that combines martial arts, dance and music. 


ilê de palmares is led by Contre Mestre Omi, who has achieved this high-ranking position in capoeira at the young age of 24. Contre Mestre Omi is currently the youngest Contre Mestre in the world. He travels all over the world teaching Capoeira in countries such as Italy, Japan, Korea, Germany, France, Russia, and Singapore, to name a few.

ilê de palmares has performed numerous times throughout New York City, including a performance on NBC television network, TED Talks, Leica event, a long history with Sons of Brazil, and more.


They are currently in the process of organizing their annual Batizado (Graduation) where members of the group are recognized and earn their next ranking.