Discipline: Dance & Music

Based In: Queens

Website: Goussy Célestin

Goussy Célestin’s Ayiti Brass is the current project that is the focus of Ms Célestin’s expansive creative energy. It is a music performance and dance ensemble, consisting of 10 musicians and 2 dancers in its fullest incarnation. This is a long held vision of Ms. Célestin, and the culmination of the blending of her artistic experience, interests and cultural heritage.

Incorporating both sound and movement, including New Orleans’ second-line and Haiti’s Rara traditions — fused with Jazz, Call-and-Response, and Field Hollers — Goussy Célestin’s Ayiti Brass has as its mission to engage and awaken audiences, workshop participants and community at large in an impactful way, ultimately evoking an experience of connection, openness and possibilities. Performances will encourage attendees to participation in song and dance, aiming to leave them moved and uplifted.

Ms. Célestin has performed in a variety of contexts, locally and internationally as pianist vocalist and dancer, and she continues to be in demand for collaboration, sought after for her unique artistic contribution and creative expression.

Goussy Célestin’s Ayiti Brass aims to foster connection through music and movement, providing an immersive experience aiming to breakdown preconceived expectations: about art, about ourselves, about one another, and about community.