Discipline: World Music, Sufi Music

Based In: Brooklyn/Queens

Website: www.falsamusic.com

Falsa’s music is rooted in the traditions of North India/Pakistan and 14th.
Century Sufism, fused with contemporary styles and improvisation. Our music has been described by NPR as a “cure for alienation” and music that is “not about means to ends, but about meaning and transcendence.”, a “cathartic experience that transports the listener both inwards and across centuries of joys, sorrows and longings”.
The thought of performing for open-minded, intellectually hungry audiences, in the context of a cross-cultural collaboration, particularly in these delicate times, is incredibly inspiring to all of Falsa’s members.
In addition to the music, our singer, Umer, offers thoughtful introductions and insight before each song, whether it be through storytelling, or applying the song’s lyrics to the current social and cultural landscapes. Growing up in Pakistan, he was deeply affected by Sufi music, and through Falsa we have discovered a way to fuse the particular aesthetics of other world music systems with Sufi lyric and melody, and communicate through the intersection of global textures and local roots, those ineffable dimensions of experience that are fundamental, essential, and most importantly, universal.