Discipline: Drawing and Painting

Based In: Sunset Park

Website: http://www.erintreacy.com

I am interested in how our environment depicts time through layers or growth and decay, and how this can serve as visual metaphor for our own internal worlds. Both are in constant states of change – morphing and diverging to meet the needs of the present situation.

For about a decade, I had created immersive environments that were both enticing and forbidding at once. Recently, I pulled the lens back, allowing for negative space to create borders within the composition and centralize an abstracted form. The forms can play as both amorphic figures and individual islands of fantastical landscapes or mindscapes.

Recently I have been studying island formation and geological history. By relating my drawings and paintings to this history, each piece of art is its own existence, but there are overlaps showing divergence and evolution in concept and form. A drawing or painting individually presents an abstracted world and then grouped together are reflective of an archipelago. They are not a series but rather a fragmenting of landmass, a splintering of a thought, a relational collective experience. By using the landscape as a visual for human experience, it alludes to the phrase “no man is an island”. There are connections to neighboring islands, or when I am full of hope – connections between everything. Even when they may not be obvious, if you look closely there are similarities and moments of beauty to be explored and celebrated. There always needs to be a search, there can be multiple answers, it is only important to at least try to find something to relate to in life and in art.