Discipline: Drawing & Illustration

Based In: Brooklyn

Website: Caitlin Masley



2002/3 Emerging Artist Fellowship, Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, New York

2004 Kunstlerhaus Salzburg International Artist in Residence, Salzburg, Austria

2005 Schinkel-Progressive Artist in Residence, Berlin, Germany

2006 Artist in Residence, Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Trondheim, Norway

2007 Swing Space Grant and Residency, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York

2007 Pollock-Krasner Grant, Pollock-Krasner Foundation

2008 Artist in Residence, Künstlerwohnung Chretzeturm, Stein am Rhein, Switzerland

2009 Artist in Residence, Action Art Actuel, Centre d’Artistes Autogere Residency, Quebec

2009/10 Artist in Residence, Abrons Art Center, Henry Street Settlement, New York

2010 Puffin Foundation Arts Grant, Puffin Foundation, New Jersey

2010/11  Artist in Residence, Triangle Arts Association, New York

2011 Artist in Residence/Scholarship, Manhattan Graphics Center, New York

2016 Artist in Residence, The Wassaic Project, Wassaic, New York

2016 Artist in Residence, I-Park Foundation, East Haddam, Connecticut

2016 Artist in Residence, Gallery Affero, Newark, New Jersey

2016 Barbara Deming Memorial Fund Grant



New work, “On Site”, Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, New York


Collaboration Performance with Pegah Tabassinejad at shared studios, Terahn and NYC

DECONSTRUCTED REVISIONISMS (the places i can’t see with my own eyes), lu magnus gallery, NYC

neo-habitat, Hudson Valley Community College, Troy, NY


neo-habitat, Galerije Bacva, HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia


Abandonment of the Solid, Lu Magnus Gallery, New York

neo-habitat, McColl Center for Visual Art, North Carolina


neo-habitat, Urban Institute for Contemporary Art, Michigan

neo habitats, SITE 92: work permit approved, Smack Mellon Gallery, New York

Caitlin Masley, Wirksworth Art and Architecture, Derbyshire, England

somewhere in the middle, Galleri 5, Denmark


Projects ’09, Islip Museum, New York

A Place to Call Your Own; Action Art Actuel, Centre d’Artistes Autogere, Quebec

Ghost of a border; temporarily here, Solo gallery, Tel Aviv


Singapore in New York ver. 2; LMCC Swing Space, New York

Everywhere and Nowhere: curated by Anat Egbi and Jen deNike; FREE FRISBEE, Miami

Drawings, Rdeea Galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Marina City #6, Galerjia 01, Zagreb, Croatia

The 24 hour drawing, BABEL Gallery, Trondheim, Norway



New Residents, Wassaic Project Gallery, Wassaic, New York


Observed ratios,curated by Katherine Carl, The James Gallery at CUNY, NYC

Parasite, ozean, Berlin

Thanks, curated by Adam Parker Smith, Lu Magnus, NYC

Adaption, project4 gallery, Washington DC

Territories Unknown, College of New Rochelle Gallery, New Rochelle, New York


After the Trace, Kingston Museum of Contemporary Art, Kingston, New York


nowHere, Triangle Arts Project Room, New York

(dis)located, Art for Change, New York

CUBEopen, Center for the Built Environment, Manchester, England

TRANSFORMATIONS, curated by Brank Bencic, gallery Kozelites, Pecs, Hungary

gimme shelter, Mixed Greens, New York

Hive/Web/Mind:Animal Nests and Human Networks, curated by Hallie Cohen and Adam Ludwig,Philoctetes Center Gallery, New York


One Size Fits All, curated by Jenny Solomon, One Stellar Rays Gallery, New York

“expo ‘67” screening; curated by Hajnalka Somogyi; Storefront for Art & Architecture

and Bard Center for Curatorial Studies, New York

Spatial nonfictions, curated by Susan Thompson; ISE Cultural Foundation Gallery, New York


MAPIRANJE GRADA / MAPPING THE CITY, galerija Karas, Croatia; curated by Branka Bencic

Creative Cartographies; curated by Jeanne Gerrity, BAC Gallery, New York

Neo-Constructivism: Art, Architecture & Activism, curated by Anonda Bell, Paul Robeson Galleries,Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey


Host, curated by Elizabeth Grady, Soap Factory, Minappolis, MN

Future Nomad, curated by Sarah Reisman, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA

Between to and from, curated by Veronica Mijelshon and Eleanor Eichenbaum, NJVAC, New Jersey

MAPIRANJE GRADA / MAPPING THE CITY, curated by Branka Bencic, Gallery mmc Luka; Pula, Croatia


Weak Foundation, Momenta Art, New York

Urban Spectacle, curated by Leor Grady, Makor Gallery, New York

Home for Lost Ideas, curated book project, Catherine Griffiths and Dan Rees, Berlin, Germany !


Benaki Museum

Holt Renfrew Collection

Pfizer Corporate Collection

Progressive Corporation Collection

Private Collections


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