Discipline: Dance

Based In: Queens

Website: Brynne Billingsley

Brynne Billingsley & Artists, a NYC based contemporary dance company, creates movement landscapes that blend the visual appeal of an abstract painting with the visceral experience of a storm or a sunset. BB&A is interested in portraying the inevitability of change, and it’s effect on nature, relationships, and form. On stage, on site, and in film, they create environmental works which invite audiences to experience dance as it mirrors the natural world.

I am interested in presenting movement worlds in which the physical landscape is lingering, transforming, becoming. The dancers provide shape, color, and texture against a three dimensional canvas. Their movements create pattern and design, an abstract painting that breathes, falling in and out of focus. Line and shape emerge from spiraling motion. Thoughts and images are evoked from movements and decisions, some real and some dream-like.