Studio: Spaceworks Long Island City

Discipline: Dance & Music

Based In: Queens

Website: Ayazamana

Ayazamana Ecuadorian Cultural Center is a nonprofit organization that promotes and educates about Ecuadorian culture through the arts, dance and music. Their fundamental goal is to provide the community with greater access to the richness and diversity of Ecuadorian culture through dance. The Ayazamana Dance Group, which has been in existence for almost 30 years, performs dances from various regions and cultures in Ecuador in esteemed venues like the United Nations and the Ecuadorian Consulate as well as community institutions, churches and schools.


“Spaceworks is one of the reasons we have grown. A space where people can come and have a nice place to rehearse – people appreciate that. It gives them a sense that they’re not just dancers out there trying to do something – it gives them more of a prestige – gives them a sense that they’re actually doing something that the community cares about, that organizations and politicians care about. Spaceworks has been an opportunity for us to have a home.” – Esau Chauca, Executive Director