Discipline: Painting

Based In: Brooklyn

Website: Anne Blenker

I have always been fascinated by the synchronicity of the earth and its formations. Whether I am looking at grooves in a piece of bark or aerial footage of a river delta, my work is inspired by the textures, spacial form and patterns that make up the natural world. I work symbiotically with technology.

In my most recent series, my process starts digitally, I explore aerial imagery of the earth and create compositions in Photoshop by layering, dissecting, and manipulating found images until a harmonious composition and color palette emerges. I then render these as paintings, breathing life into the digital compositions by welcoming the improvisation of texture and color. Within this process I am learning to create impressions of place. A pseudoscience of imaginary landscapes comprised of the shapes, textures and colors provided by the geological formations of the earth.

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY 2010 – 11

“Prickles and Goo” solo exhibition, Parse Gallery, New Orleans, LA