We are thrilled to announce the first cohort of our Creative Economic Initiative (CEI), which supports artists in offering income-generating classes and workshops in Spaceworks studios.

Through this program, artists and cultural workers can use Spaceworks not only to pursue their own creative and cultural practices, but also to generate income by offering workshops and classes. The Creative Economic Initiative is conceived and led by Spaceworks artist-in-residence Tanisha Christie.

“Most of my fellow artists want to give back to their communities, but struggle to provide for themselves. This initiative allows individuals to nurture their creative practices and their communities simultaneously.”

Tanisha Christie, Artist-in-Residence

“Subsidized space allows artists to survive in New York City, but earning income helps them to thrive, and their thriving is our goal,” says Risa Shoup, Executive Director of Spaceworks.

The CEI kicks off this month with a range of programs at Spaceworks’ Long Island City facility:

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