Reserve Space on Mobile

Our new website is responsive to the mobile device you’re booking on.

Modify Your  Reservation

You can now modify an existing reservation without having to cancel it first.

Get Support

We now have an online support system for members. Submit a member support ticket here>>

Book  Recurring  Reservations

You can now enter weekly recurring rentals up to 4 months in advance.

Take a Virtual Tour

Step inside any one of our studios.

Prepare for  Tax Time

Our new invoice template has more comprehensive information about payments and refunds.

Not everything has to change! Members can still enjoy these features:

Mobile phone icon made by srip
Mobile phone calendar icon made by Eucalyp
Support icon made by Vectors Market
Calendar icon made by Freepix
Invoice icon made by Gregor Cresnar
Refund icon made by Chanut
Credit card icon made by Smashicons
PayPal icon created by Pixel perfect
All icons sourced from

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